Winterschool "Digital and Image Geometry"

Schloß Dagstuhl/Wadern (near Saarbrücken/Germany)

December 18 - 22, 2000


Gilles Bertrand (Paris), Atsushi Imiya (Chiba), Reinhard Klette (Auckland)

This winterschool addressed geometrical and topological foundations, problems and algorithms relevant to image analysis or computer vision.

Winterschool Program


There have been two different kinds of presentations: (TYPE_L) 12 lectures of 50-55min length each (addressing basic issues in the field), and (TYPE_R) 24 research contributions of 20-30min length each (focused on a chosen problem and its solution) in subject-oriented working groups. A session on Monday afternoon confirmed the definition of groups, and chairpersons for these working groups have been named.

A few photo impressions from the meeting may be found here.

The programme was planned such that participants could decide about their own schedule for these days, e.g. with sufficient time for informal meetings or the use of the excellent Dagstuhl library.

This winterschool accompanied DGCI'2000, the 9th conference on "Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery" at Uppsala, Sweden, 13-15 December 2000. A panoramic photo of DGCI'2000 paricipants may be found here.

Web Site on Open Problems

Open Problems in Digital Geometry and Topology


"Digital and Image Geometry"
Editors: Gilles Bertrand, Atsushi Imiya and Reinhard Klette.
LNCS 2243, Springer, Berlin 2001.

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